About the YDB Team

You Deserve Better Holding in short “YDB Holding” was created in 2016 by an American- Ivorian consultant. Having lived and worked in the USA for more than 15 years, he decided to start offering his services to the Ivorian population and do his share of work to help improve Cote d’Ivoire.

The Managing Director of YDB Holding and also the founder of the company is highly motivated and determined to make a mark in the Ivorian Industry as an Innovative way to do business. His views and ideas are to help the Ivorian population by providing them with solutions and services that will help them reach the next level. He has decided to start with 6 main industries but has a goal of reaching and improving all industries. He has over 15 years of experience in Customer service, Real Estate, Insurance, Restauration, Finance, Banking and Marketing. He has worked in the United States and West Africa during his whole career. Since 2013 he created a consulting group called D&D Business Solutions in the USA and has been providing services to over 20 clients in the USA, Canada, Senegal, France, UK, United Arab Emirates, Ghana and of course Cote d’Ivoire.

The Managing Partner of YDB Holding Senegal is named Sobhi Sow, he has a background of 13 years in Customer Service, Insurance, Transportation and Agriculture. After living in Senegal and the USA for most of his life, he is now taking over the challenge of re-creating the YDB concept in Senegal using his network and hard work to pursue the growth of the brand in Francophone West Africa.

The Managing Director of YDB Entertainment is named Anne Cecile Mobio, she has working in Finance and Banking most of her career but on her free time was in charge of events planning for friends and family and after single handedly planning her own wedding in Dubai while she was living in Abidjan, she now has the required experience to organize meetings, parties, events, weddings and more in a very innovative way as you can see from her previous work.  She is handling a very challenging but innovative side of the holding which is growing very rapidly with our clients demands to go into tourism and events outside of the ordinary concepts.

Today, the YDB Team is working to provide the Ivorian as well as African population with what they actually deserve, better treatment, better service, and better prices. At YDB Holding the client is the most important and his/her satisfaction will always come first.

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Our mission & Our vision

You Deserve Better Holding (YDB Holding) was created to become “the” platform for best in class customer services with the highest respect for our clients’ interests, time and money.

We at YDB Holding believe that You Deserve Better and all our efforts are and will always be to provide you with more than what you have experienced anywhere else.

Our client’s happiness is the fuel that drives YDB Holding’s engines.


Real Estate, Rental and Purchases, House Furnishing, Maids Services, Drivers Services, Gardening and any other household’s needs.

Car Rental and sales, regional and international imports as well as car detailing, paints, repairs and more.

House and Building Construction, Interior design, Renovations of Venues and all sorts of locations such as offices and house set ups, restaurants, hotels, offices and

Events management, Event set up, Event Planning, Parties hosting, Travel plan, Tourism planning.



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Email: farid.traore@ydbholding.net

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Call us: +225 48 00 96 43 (English and French) or +225 42 37 12 53 (French)

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